Boateng highlights public sector graduate opportunities

are unprecedented career opportunities for graduates in the public sector,
according to Paul Boateng, chief secretary to the Treasury.

in Prospects Focus on Public Services, a new publication produced by the higher
education Careers Services Unit (CSU), Boateng said: "The public services
occupy a crucial position in British society and, in many cases, a pivotal
position in the global community."

make the public services real and relevant for the next century we have to meet
rising public expectations. That is an enormous intellectual and managerial
challenge and to meet it we need to recruit the brightest and the best.”

chief executive Mike Hill believes graduates will eventually realise there are
often more opportunities open to them in the public sector than in the private

graduates are unaware that the UK public sector is Europe’s largest
employer," said Hill, "and they only briefly consider opportunities
in the sector before dismissing them and pursuing private sector jobs they
perceive to be more interesting.

reality," he added, "a huge variety of vital and demanding graduate
jobs are available in the public sector, ranging from personnel and press
officers to accountants, solicitors, architects and tourism officers.

training and career breaks are usually part of the public sector career package
as well as early openings for management roles and the added satisfaction of a
job that serves the community.”

By Ben Willmott

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