Deaths at work in decline

people have been killed in accidents at work in the past 12 months than in the
same period a year earlier, according to official figures.

Health and Safety Commission’s (HSC) official figures show that 249 people were
killed in work-related accidents during 2001-2002, a drop of 43 on the total
for 2000-2001.

remains the most dangerous sector, with 79 fatal accidents. And although this
represents a fall of 28 per cent, the industry still accounts for a third of
all fatalities at work.

deaths also dropped –  by 9 per cent –
with 39 employees dying after suffering an accident at work.

rate of major injuries has also fallen. There were also 27,477 major injuries –
47 fewer than 2000-2001 – and an estimated 40.2 million days were lost through
illness and injury.

most common causes of death at work was falls from height (44), being struck by
a moving object (43) and being hit by a vehicle (40).

terms of major injuries, the sectors to avoid were mining with 803 cases per
100,000 staff, the water industry with 652 cases per 100,000 and railways with
631 per 100,000.

By Ross Wigham



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