Bodaclick selects Cezanne Software’s global HR system

Cezanne Software, a specialist in global HR software solutions, announces that the online company specializing in organizing weddings, Bodaclick, has selected Cezanne’s People, Recruiting, Performance and HRCharter modules.


The HR software solution suite will help Bodaclick to automate their HR processes and consolidate fragmented HR data from across the eight countries in which it operates.


Cezanne People will manage all of Bodaclick’s employees in a single database and provide users in different countries with access to the global HR system in their native language, including English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

At each of Bodaclick’s offices they undertake an intensive evaluation of a large number of applicants on an on-going basis. Given the volume of data and the difficulty of managing different decentralized databases for each country in the various languages, Bodaclick is extremely keen to use Cezanne’s recruitment software. The module will help to streamline and automate Bodaclick’s recruitment process, speed up the search for suitable candidates and significantly reduce the current administrative burden for all recruitment.

Cezanne Performance will provide Bodaclick with tools to improve employee engagement, carry out more effective reviews and to help align current business objectives with employee performance. Cezanne’s performance management module will also help to ensure that the performance management process is completely transparent and provide Bodaclick’s management team with comprehensive performance management reporting.

Cezanne HRCharter will enable Bodaclick to automatically generate organization charts and corporate directories based on existing information, such as performance, salary and time management data

Veronica Martin, Director of Human Resources Bodaclick says: “The implementation of Cezanne’s global HR software solution, gives us the necessary tools to manage human resources more effectively, which is critical in the current phase of Bodaclick’s growth.”

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