Bonus plans just the tonic for Pharmacia

Staff bonuses at pharmaceutical company Pharmacia have been linked to
personal development targets to encourage employees to take more of an interest
in their own training.

The company agrees individual development targets with staff at their annual
appraisal and a proportion of their annual bonus is dependent on these targets
being met.

Pamela Gelder, HR director at Pharmacia UK, said the current individual
development targets make up a fifth of the bonus because the initiative is in
its first year, but this will gradually increase, as employees become familiar
with the system.

"The move gives out a positive message to employees as it shows we are
committed to their development and are giving more meaning to it," she

"We know we have good calibre people, but the company wants to make
them as good as they can possibly be. It wants to help them develop and retain

Gelder hopes the policy will see the internal promotion of staff increase.

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