Bonuses are the top motivator for staff

A bonus is the benefit that staff find most motivational, according to exclusive research for Reward & Benefits Today.

The poll, of 500 full-time employees working for organisations employing more than 100 staff, found that 61%, when asked which benefit would motivate them, said a bonus.

Respondents in medium-sized organisations employing 100 to 249 staff, were, at 68%, most likely to choose that benefit.

But just 49% of those who worked for organisations employing 2,500 to 4,999 said a bonus was the benefit that would motivate them the most. And some 67% of junior managers polled said they would be most motivated by a bonus, compared to 61% of middle and senior managers respectively.

The next most motivational benefits were: extra leave, mentioned by 40% of respondents, praise from colleagues (36%) and gift vouchers (25%). Only 13% of those polled said a day out with colleagues would motivate them, while 20% said they didn’t need motivating.

Some 45% of those polled said their employers provided some form of medical insurance, 36% said they got discounts on goods and services, while 33% were given eye-test vouchers.

Medical cover was rated the most valuable benefit by 60% of those surveyed, followed by dental cover (49%) and discounts on goods and services (39%). Only 8% said charity days were a valuable benefit.

When asked if they received a total reward statement from their employers, 54% said yes, and 46% no.

Some 70% of those saying yes said they found the statements either useful or very useful. Some 22% felt neutral about the statements they received, while 9% said they were not very useful.

The poll was undertaken recently for Reward & Benefits Today by pollster GfK NOP.

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