Book review: What you need to know about events


Organising A Conference
How to plan and run a successful and effective event

Author Pauline Appleby
Price £9.99
ISBN 1 84528 064 4

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Training buyers must think carefully about learning styles and cultures in their organisations before distributing this resource. I have no reservations about the quality of the information, but I prefer dramatisation to promote understanding of a subject like this, as it helps managers to assess the impact of such behaviour and so engage with the material.

The CD-Rom features a difficult case study of a young female worker complaining about an established middle-aged man.

We are led through all the options facing the manager charged with sorting out this mess, but I really longed to get into the story, watch the emotions involved and have key learning points flashed up on the screen. Instead a very calm, Des Lynam-sound-alike explains all the available routes.

However, the other interactive elements get full marks. The quizzes and games at the end highlight learning points. With careful management and re-inforcement activities, this could be a useful resource.

BOXTEXT: Relevance? 4 out of 5
Interactivity? 4 out of 5
Value for money? 5 out of 5

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