Bookmark of the month  IMS Global Learning Consortium

The future of e-learning lies in inter-operability – that is, everyone
working together to ensure their systems, software and e-learning programmes
talk to each other. While on a day-to-day basis it’s more of a concern for
e-learning developers, training professionals should take it upon themselves to
at least be aware of the various movements occurring when it comes to learning

The IMS Global Consortium is working as hard as any to develop and promote
open specifications for online learning, and this website nicely puts its work
into context. It is the consortium behind the forthcoming e-learning summit and
if you are planning on going to the event, a visit to the website first is a
must. There are details on all the various specifications at the centre of IMS’
work and the organisations that are adopting them. Articles and features can
get techie, but don’t worry – even an appreciation of the principles will stand
you in good stead.

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