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is wrong to expect employees to undertake a training course in their lunch
hour, but with, they might just want to. The innovative site
basically offers a range of what it calls ‘easily digestible’ courses, broken
up into bite-sized chunks.

concept is to be applauded and the courses certainly worth a look, at just £10
for full membership. Once you’ve signed up you can access the member course
section and a range of courses spanning emotional intelligence through to
assertiveness and appraisals.

dipped into a number of them, including John Seymour’s developing emotional
intelligence through NLP and Christine McMurray’s the manager as a career
coach, and picked up a good few nuggets (you’ll need Windows Media Players to
run the courses).

course details tells you how long it is and how many sections it is broken down
into (the EI course is 11 chunks adding up to 20 minutes. Margaret McCleary’s
appraisals is designed as a 10-day course, made up of 21 clips).

of the courses are e-learning at their simplest – but they worked for us and
are a lot more satisfying than a sandwich and a quick flick through the papers.

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