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Learning junction

Certainly a candidate for one of the most clearly designed and easiest
websites to navigate, the Learning Junction was set up by Roffey Park, the
executive education and research organisation, and provides HR practitioners
and management in general with free access to a range of management development
information, expertise and commentary. You have to register and use your e-mail
address as a password, but this only takes a few seconds – and this also means
you receive e-mailed news alerts on your chosen themes.

The design is based on a simple schematic diagram which allows you to click
on 12 themes, including learning, HR, knowledge management, coaching and
performance management. Clicking through leads to an introduction to the theme,
and then another schematic leads through to articles, suggested reading,
research reports, seminars, workshops, programmes and other links.

The site is free to access but if you want to read the full research reports
rather than the summaries and articles, you have to buy them (this can be done
direct from the site).

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