Boom in number of teleworkers sparks warning for HR policies

A rise in the number of staff working from home could lead to difficulties
for employers unless good HR policies are applied for remote workers.

The number of employees working from home has increased by 65 per cent since
2001, with 7.4 per cent of all staff now working remotely.

These numbers looks set to rise further, with parents of young children
afforded the right to request more flexible working conditions and the growth
of work-life balance policies.

The Department of Trade and Industry has issued guidelines to advise
companies of their responsibilities towards home workers and legal experts have
warned that any slip-ups could prove costly for employers.

Alan Lewis, employment partner at law firm George Davies, said technology
allows more people to consider working from home. "More than two million
people work away from the normal office and employers must ensure they comply
with their obligations towards them.

"Clear HR policies, disciplinary procedures, training and career
progression must be in line with that of office-based staff. Teleworkers must
not be excluded from these rights," he said.

Employers must ensure staff are safe by carrying out a risk assessment of
their working conditions and ensuring all electrical equipment complies with
safety regulations.

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