Boost for bosses as employees see their good side

More than 80 per cent of bosses regard themselves as good employers, and 77 per cent said they thought their employees would agree, according to a survey of employers and employees.

The survey, carried out by financial recruitment company Portfolio Payroll and employment law firm Peninsula, quizzed 1,183 managers and 1,000 employees.

It found that 76 per cent of 1,000 employees surveyed felt that they worked for a good employer.

The bosses also said they preferred to promote internally (87 per cent) and valued employee opinions when making important decisions (83 per cent).

Danny Done, managing director of Portfolio Payroll, said: “We live in an age where employees can approach their boss with problems and be met with sympathy. This obviously helps the employee respect their employer.

“What has not changed over time are the deadlines and pressures that bosses and their employees have to work to, which often result in longer hours.”

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