Boss spends £50k on staff trip to Caribbean

Staff at luxury toiletries firm Pacific Direct were treated to an unusually generous reward for their efforts last month – an all expenses paid holiday in the Caribbean.

During the trip, which cost £50,000, staff stayed in a five-star hotel and enjoyed free excursions and activities such as snorkelling with turtles, waterskiing and sailing, reports the Daily Mail.

Food and drink was free as well – and staff were even given spending money.

Lara Morgan, owner of Pacific Direct, treated 25 staff to the holiday after her company made a profit of £1.3m.

Five years ago, she decided to treat her staff if profits exceeded £1m in one year – but then the firm had a few years where it only broke even after the September 11 attacks, the outbreak of the Sars virus and foot-and-mouth.

“It’s all about encouraging people to work hard, but making the announcement about Barbados was probably the most rewarding thing I’ve ever been able to do,” Morgan said. “I feel extremely proud to have delivered on my promise, but my people more than earned it.”

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