Bossing the bosses helps to boost career prospects

Employees are increasingly managing their own career
progression, with half of all promotions pro-actively managed by workers, a new
survey has found.


The trend for ‘up-managing’, or actively managing the boss
to gain promotion, is becoming an increasingly common way to get ahead, with 50
per cent of promoted staff citing this method.


The poll of 5,000 employees carried out by jobs website Reed
found the vast majority of promoted staff had proactively managed their manager
in a bid to climb the career ladder.


Staff said it was important to ensure bosses were made aware
of their extra efforts, and taking on extra duties topped the poll of the best
way to gain promotion.


Respondents also said it was crucial to actively network
with managers and decision-makers, taking any chance to demonstrate potential
or untapped skills to superiors.


Taking additional training, volunteering for more work and
vociferously sharing any success with managers were also cited as helpful in
winning promotion.


Dan Ferrandino managing director of jobsite Reed said
flatter structures and new ways of working meant that staff were more able to
manage their own promotion.


"Nowadays it is more important than ever to actively
manage your career instead of sitting back and waiting for something to
happen," he said. "People no longer get automatic promotions just
because they have stayed around long enough."


However, the survey found that words alone were not enough
and had to be backed up with the additional work or new ideas.


By Ross Wigham

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