A round-up of news from the professional journals

Truckers risk DVT

Nurses from Indiana University, Pennsylvania, have identified that truckers
are vulnerable to deep vein thrombosis and more likely to contract sexually
transmitted infections. They have urged their European counterparts to copy their
work. A programme is now developing teaching aimed at decreasing the risks of
injury and disease.

Nursing Standard, 15 October 2003

Free nurses stay

Retention rates would improve if nurses were given greater autonomy.
Preliminary findings of a major study commissioned by the European Union,
indicate that nurses are more likely to quit if their every move is scrutinised
by their managers. The Nurses’ Early Exit Study, which runs to November 2004,
aims to discover why so many nurses leave the profession well before reaching
retirement age.

Nursing Standard, 15 October 2003

Stroke risk link

Regular physical activity reduces the risk of having a stroke by more than
25 per cent, but air pollution increases it, suggest two studies in the journal
Stroke. A meta-analysis found moderate and high levels of physical activity
reduces the incidence of strokes. But admission rates for intracerebral
hemorrhage and ischaemic stroke were correlated to high levels of ‘ambient
pollutants’, such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide.

Nursing Times, 13 & 15 October 2003

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