A round-up of news from the professional journals

Warfare guidance

The DoH has expanded its guidance to the NHS for dealing with the deliberate
release of biological and chemical agents amid heightened fears of attacks.
Nursing Standard, 2 January 2003

Care trusts must fight crime

Tackling crime is to become a statutory requirement for nurses and other
healthcare professionals in primary care trusts (PCTs). New legislation will
mean PCTs are responsible for reducing incidences on their premises, the Home
Office has said.
Nursing Standard, 2 January 2003

Nurses face retirement poverty

Nurses made to wait until they are 65 years old to claim their occupational
pension will be forced into poverty, Unison has warned. The union was
commenting on the decision by work and pensions secretary Andrew Smith to end
retirement at 60 years of age for nurses.
Nursing Standard, 2 January 2003

Midwives’ pay system delayed

The first 8,000 nurses and midwives to fall under the new NHS pay system
will not benefit from it until the summer. An exclusive Nursing Times survey
shows the trusts named by the Government as early implementers of the
long-awaited pay system are unlikely to be ready for the April kick-off.
Nursing Times, 13 January 2003

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