A round-up of news from the professional journals

Biological warfare

Nurses have been urged not to wait for NHS officials to pass on information
on biological weapons. "Get the information" is the message from
infection control nurse Lynda Taylor, who has been appointed to a Public Health
Laboratory Service (PHLS) taskforce on deliberate releases of potentially
harmful substances. She was responding to claims that, although frontline
nurses had received information on anthrax, few had been given details on
botulism, plague and smallpox.

Nursing Standard
31 October 2001

Ethical recruitment

The Government has issued a code of practice to crack down on the unethical
recruitment of nurses and other healthcare professionals from overseas, amid
growing concern that the UK is depriving developing countries of their nurses.

Nursing Times
18 October 2001

Nursing homes

Nursing homes could be scrapped and replaced by services that people receive
from the comfort of their own homes, a government minister has hinted. Health
minister Jacqui Smith was giving evidence on the Government’s health
expenditure at the parliamentary health select committee.

Nursing Times
23 October 2001

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