A round-up of news from the professional journals

Acupuncture safety

Two large studies have concluded that acupuncture performed by competent
practitioners is relatively safe. Minor incidents such as bleeding, needle pain
and fainting were the main adverse effects recorded and all these were

Nursing Times
31 August 2001

Bullying in the NHS

Poor management and a bullying culture could undermine initiatives to tackle
the NHS nursing recruitment and retention crisis, researchers have warned.
Intensive telephone interviews carried out with 15 nurses and 15 GPs who have
left the NHS revealed nurses were embittered by a constant struggle to achieve
their professional goals and provide quality care.

Nursing Times
29 August 2001

Identifying ex-smokers

Paying practice nurses and GPs to identify smokers who have quit has no
effect on their behaviour and will not improve cessation rates, research shows.

Offering £15 to identify patients who had quit in the past three months did
nothing to overcome nurses’ and GPs’ reluctance to raise the issue of smoking
if they thought it would cause confrontation.

Nursing Times
24 August 2001

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