A round-up of news from the professional journals

Injury prevention

The 20,000 UK deaths from injury each year are largely preventable, a
hard-hitting report by the BMA says. Among children, death rates from injuries
could be cut by up to 40 per cent if the UK could match European standards.

Nursing Times
28 June 2001

Culture change promised for NHS

Nurses and other front-line NHS staff will be given the resources, power and
influence to improve care standards during Labour’s second term, Health
Secretary Alan Milburn told MPs.

Nursing Standard
June, 2001

Drugs and driving

Nearly one-fifth of fatal road traffic accidents are linked to the
consumption of legal drugs such as antihistamines, but nurses are unable to
advise patients on the side-effects due to prescribing restrictions.

Nursing Times
22 June, 2001

Hospital or prison?

Hospitals subject patients to a level of control and surveillance that makes
them feel like prisoners, a leading cancer nurse has said. Professor Jessica
Corner of the Institute of Cancer Research in London, said a "powerful
sense of inhumanity" was enshrined in health care.

Nursing Standard
June, 2001

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