A round-up of news from the professional journals

Be happy and live longer

Older people who are pessimistic could be at risk of dying earlier, research
by the National Institute on Ageing in America has found. Among 800 European
and Mexican Americans questioned as to whether they are hopeful for the future,
10 per cent answered no and were classified as "hope-less". Over the
next three to seven years almost three times as many in this group died
compared to hopeful participants.
24 May, 2001

Childcare subsidy

Public health minister Yvette Cooper has issued a further election pledge –
to increase a proposed £30 million childcare subsidy for nurses to £100 million
by 2004. Funding will come from "savings" made by scrapping
two-thirds of health authorities when power is devolved to frontline staff in
new primary care trusts.
23 May, 2001

Foot-and-mouth leaves its mark

Farmers and their families face incalculable risks of mental health problems
and suicide because the foot and mouth crisis has cost them their livelihoods,
RCN Congress heard. There is also the danger of worsening asthma and the spread
of diseases such as E coli from burning carcasses.
30 May, 2001

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