A round-up of news from the professional journals

Northern Ireland needs nurses

Nurses need to be recruited urgently in Northern Ireland, an independent
report has warned. Professor Hugh McKenna, head of the School of Health
Sciences at the University of Ulster claims that "robust recruitment and
retention strategies" are needed urgently. Between 1994-99 the numbers of
nurses in the province fell by 3.5 per cent.
9 May, 2001

Nurses’ sickness

Senior nurses take a third to 50 per cent more time off sick than hospital
doctors, a Finnish study has found, with male doctors taking the least time off
work. The research in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine said
work overload was the strongest reason for sick leave among nurses.
10 May, 2001

Overseas nurses

The numbers of overseas nurses applying for UKCC registration leapt by 71.7
per cent in the last year to March 2001. Of the 29,119 applying (up from
16,963), 13,750 were from the Philippines alone. The UKCC said that since many
of the overseas nurses were on six or nine-month adaptation courses this meant
that in 2001-2002 many will be available to work in the NHS.
4 May, 2001

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