Round-up of news from the professional journals

Nurses carry costs

Nurses are paying for research projects out of their own pockets because of
underfunding, according to RCN general secretary Christine Hancock. Referring
to research conducted at the Centre for Policy in Nursing Research, Hancock
said 67 per cent of nurse research is unfunded and "subsidised" by

Nursing Standard
26 January, 2000

Staff issue impacts on care levels

Staff shortages, fluctuating morale and concerns over patient care still dog
the nursing profession, an ICM/Nursing Times poll concludes. More than half of
the 77 per cent of nurses who said there were staff shortages admitted that
this put patients at risk.

Nursing Times
27 January, 2000

Housing crisis

Spiralling housing costs are hitting cities across the UK and becoming a key
factor in nurse recruitment problems, according to the National Housing
Federation. A federation spokesperson said that some parts of the country could
become no-go areas for "key workers in vital jobs such as nursing".

There are 300 nursing vacancies in Oxford, for example, where house prices
have almost reached London rates.

Nursing Times
27 January, 2000

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