This month’s briefing

Alternative risks

Nurses are often given "superficial" and "inferior"
training courses in complementary therapy and could pose a risk to patients by
practising without supervision, a parliamentary committee has warned. The House
of Lords science and technology select committee is calling for familiarisation
with complementary and alternative medicine to become a formal part of nurse

Nursing Standard,
10 December 2000

Diet study

Beer and convenience foods such as burgers are the staple diet of most
British males and a third of females, a national study reveals. The study of
more than 2,000 people, funded by the Department of Health and carried out by
the Royal Free and University College Medical School in London, reveals that
diet is closely linked to geographical location, socio-economic status and

Nursing Times,
12 December 2000

Aussie carrot

Health minister for New South Wales Craig Knowles has said that hospitals
and nursing agencies in Britain are offering a 50 per cent wage rise and free
air fares to Australian nurses. Knowles said New South Wales would not raise
nurses’ salaries. Nursing Times, 4 December 2000

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