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Nurses’ love lives

Exhaustion and stress are ruining nurses’ sex lives, according to a Nursing
Times survey.

Of 400 readers taking part, nearly two-thirds thought their choice of career
was bad for their love life. Sixty-four per cent said unsocial hours and stress
was the biggest turn-off. Others blamed fatigue and being unable to switch off.
One in five nurses reported having had an affair at work.

Nursing Times,
8 February

Organ donation

New forms to be used when requesting consent for organ retention or donation
are to be drawn up with the help of nurses, the health department announced
last week. A report by chief medical officer for England Liam Donaldson, found
that many forms had "serious weaknesses".

"Nursing staff are often the people who are there at the time of death.
They are the ones people turn to for support. We will need to listen to their
views carefully," he said.

Nursing Standard,
13 February

Patient advocacy

Further details of the Government’s plans to change the way patients’ views
are represented have been revealed.

In April a "pathfinder" patient advocacy and liaison service will
be established in a small selection of NHS trusts.

Nursing Standard,
13 February

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