Bright new Outlook for Camden

Camden Council’s housing department is using e-learning to train its 1,000
staff across various locations in London in Microsoft software. The department
is keen to embrace new technology and had already received Phase One basic
Microsoft Outlook training. It then approached Training E-cademy to help it
maximise its use of Microsoft Outlook to connect its staff.

"We have more than 1,000 staff based at 64 locations, so one of the
main aims was to co-ordinate people more effectively. We wanted to ensure the
upgraded system was going to be used for more than just e-mail," said
Hilary Simpson, head of business services at Camden Housing. "We wanted to
move away from paper diaries to allow staff to book meetings electronically, as
well as help them manage their time using the Tasks facility," she said.

Three trainers held half-day training courses for each member of the housing
staff, with 40 people being trained per day. Initially the staff response was
quite low so a combination of web registration and direct calls to staff were
used to encourage people to sign-up. Upon completion of the course, they
reported an 86 per cent success rate.

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