Bringing a little bit of magic to HR

The Amazing (day of) Grace campaign is gathering pace. For those of you not about last week, Guru decided to campaign for one day a year when HR can fire one person per every 100 employees who are a total nightmare, free of reprisals. He aims to hand in a 500-person petition to the Department for Work and Pensions by Christmas (don’t worry, you shall remain anonymous).

Your support and suggestions about how this will work in practice have been wide-ranging. Disciple Neil asks: “Would it be possible to avoid the dismissed employee becoming a problem at another job by having a tattoo put on their forehead – ‘Please Regard As Total Trouble’, or, if it won’t fit, then just the initials would help all HR professionals.”

Disciple Wendy would like the cut-off brought down to 50 employees, as she works in a company of just 60 and “would not like to miss out on this incredible opportunity”.

So here’s the deal: Like all good legislation, Guru is putting this out to consultation. Just what would you like to see in the regulations?

Every suggestion will be entered into a top hat and the winner will get the opportunity to have the amazingly talented magicians at Leger de Main (that’s sleight of hand en français) around to entertain them at their staff Christmas party. These guys are awesome so don’t dawdle.

E-mail your consultation replies and your support for the campaign to


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