Britain’s most powerful women

top 10

1.         Marjorie Scardino, the only chief
executive of a FTSE 100 company (Pearson).

2.         Patricia Hewitt, head of the DTI and
Minister for Women.

3.         Rachel Lomax, deputy governor of the
Bank of England.

4.         Clara Furse, first female chair of the
London Stock Exchange.

5.         Val Gooding, chief executive of Bupa.

6.         Baroness Hogg, chairman of 3i and
deputy chairman of GKN.

7.         Kate Barker, member of the monetary
policy committee.

        Marian Bell, member of the
monetary policy committee.

8.         Cherie Booth.

9.         Rose Marie Bravo, Founder of Café Rouge
and CEO of Spirit Taverns.

Rebecca Hoar
Management Today, July 2004

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