British Airways lands in another dress code and religion row as Eurest sacks VIP airport lounge attendant for wearing a nose pin

British Airways (BA) is embroiled in another row about uniform and religion after an airport worker was sacked for wearing a nose stud.

The GMB union wants the airline to intervene after Amrit Lalji, employed by Eurest UK in a BA VIP lounge in Heathrow’s Terminal 1, was dismissed on 13 September.

Lalji was sacked for “refusing to obey a reasonable management instruction” when she refused to take the nose pin out for work. She claims to wear the stud as part of practising her Hindu religion.

The case echoes that of fellow Heathrow worker Nadia Eweida, who was suspended by BA – and then reinstated – for wearing a Christian cross.

GMB organiser Tahir Bhatti said: “GMB wants BA to step in to secure Amrit Lalji’s immediate reinstatement, without any loss of pay. BA has the experience after the crucifix dispute to resolve dress code issues relating to religion.”

The union claims that it was only when a BA representative complained about Lalji’s nose stud, more than a year into her employment, that Eurest UK started disciplinary proceedings.

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