Government takes the lead in strategic skills courses

Prime: Leadership is a new web-based e-learning programming on leadership,
developed by the Epic Group in partnership with the Centre for Management and
Policy Studies (CMPS), part of the Cabinet Office, and e-government specialist
iMPOWER. Its content has been developed in conjunction with Lancaster University
Management School and has already been sold to eight major government
departments. It will be the first time government has used electronic learning
to help public servants develop strategic leadership skills.

"Public servants face growing pressures. In addition to their
traditional skills, our senior executives need to manage complex projects with
a multitude of stakeholders," said Sir Richard Wilson, head of the Home
Civil Service. "They have to innovate and adapt and, above all, focus on
the delivery of services to customers. At this critical stage of public service
reform, Prime will help public servants develop these skills in a consistent,
accessible and highly engaging way."

Prime brings together a range of learning methods, including case studies,
tutorials, scenario-based simulations, off-line exercises and links to source
material, and packages it with 20 hours of e-learning.

"Some have doubted the ability of e-learning to deliver soft skills and
high-level learning," said Donald Clark of Epic Group. "This project
has proved that leadership is a great candidate for e-learning, as developing
leadership capabilities involves a process of self-revelation and reflection
that can rarely be accomplished effectively in the classroom."

A free trial of Prime: Leadership is available through the website.

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