Broadcasters and banks lose out to dotcoms

The banking and broadcasting sectors are facing tough competition for
talented staff from new dotcom companies.

City recruitment agency Jonathan Wren is warning the banking industry it is
no longer seen as the most lucrative career path.

The advent of dotcom millionaires is changing attitudes to banking as a
career, said managing director Shaun McCarthy.

"The prestige and remuneration of the City is fast being surpassed by
the lure of the e-commerce sector.

"Even the most blue-chip employers can no longer rely on having a queue
of the best knocking on the door. They must compete against the excitement, informality
and speed of working in the Web-related world."

Broadcasters too are being cautioned that if they fail to nurture staff they
will lose them and pay a high price to woo them back.

Controller of BBC development and training Bob Nelson said, "The broadcasting
industry is full of astonishing, creative talent, and convergence is
increasingly blurring distinctions between different media. As a result dotcoms
are quickly becoming alternative employers to broadcasters."

He urged the industry to focus on developing employees’ skills.

The BBC has just launched the second year of a training and development
programme in partnership with Media Academie, the training institute for Dutch
broadcasters, and the Finnish University of Art and Design.

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