BT launches ethical challenges pilot scheme

BT is piloting a six-month online training course, which aims to help it
deal with any ethical challenges it may encounter.

The training programme, provided by Integrity Works, is designed to ensure
staff understand its code of business practice and may be rolled out to BT’s
100,000 staff.

The course is accessed via BT’s intranet and training initially focuses on
how to deal with bribery and corruption, offers of gifts or entertainment, fair
competition and conflicts of interest. It is based on successful models also
developed by Integrity Works and is already being used in the oil, financial,
and chemical industries.

"Having an ethical policy is one thing – but it is vital that our staff
understand it and act in line with our business principles," said Tom
Dowdall, head of group corporate policies and business practice at BT. "We
continue to develop innovative ways to help ensure that all our staff can
recognise and know how to handle ethical dilemmas," he added.

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