Business Coaching

Authors Peter Shaw & Robin Linnecar
Price £14.99
From Capstone Publishing
ISBN 9781841127415

Breadth of thinking has always distinguished Peter Shaw’s writing. He has now teamed up with his Praesta Partners’ colleague Robin Linnecar to write a highly focused book on integrating coaching into an organisation.

Praesta Partners is known for its work on one-to-one coaching and board development. It takes self-confidence to run such initiatives, and such chutzpah is a particular feature of the book as it gets straight to the point about the value of coaching and how it should be measured – something that so few books of this ilk actually do.

I enjoyed the chapter on ‘Coaching Starts at the Top’, which looks at how to support a chief executive and the factors involved in a CEO’s accountability. Not only is this useful information on how to set up a coaching programme for a CEO, but it would be helpful for HR and learning and development people, who are frequently slammed for not speaking boardroom language, to tune into accepted thinking and pick up some kudos along the way.

Most books these days run a chapter on ‘The International Dimension’. This book is no exception, but it is saved from type-casting by highlighting where a coach can ensure they remain effective when working with different nationalities and referring to some prestigious case studies.

Useful? ***
Well-written? **** 
Value for money? ****

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