Business confidence falls

directors and managers have reacted to the latest downturn in the US economy
with a loss of optimism according to the latest Recruitment Confidence Index.

quarterly RCI survey, which indicates expected changes in recruitment activity
over a six-month period, shows that the percentage of respondents who are now
optimistic about business has dropped 17 per cent since the beginning of the
year from 75 per cent to 59 per cent.

Shaun Tyson, of Cranfield School of Management, commented, “For the first time
since December 1999 when the survey began we are seeing a steep reduction in
business confidence especially in manufacturing.

we are looking at now are the first signs of worry and uncertainty about the

companies are not expecting as big a reduction in demand for their product or
service as they are a reduction in business confidence.

may seem a contradiction but downturn in the economy, problems in Japan and
even foot and mouth may have given people a generally negative view of the

Ben Willmott

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