Home learning scheme introduced for Scottish Power staff

Power is currently piloting a three-month home-learning scheme as part of its
strategy to make learning widely available to its employees and their families.

The energy
company decided to pilot the scheme when it recognised that not all employees
were able to take full advantage of the current Scottish Power learning initiative.

Around 35
staff will be able to access learning through the Internet, said Paul McKelvie,
Director of Scottish Power Learning. 

He added,
"This is an opportunity to reach staff who don’t have access to online
learning at work. We believe that the more broadly that learning can be made available
– the better for staff.

example, our meter readers are out of the office most days on jobs and so
rarely have the opportunity to come into the learning centers on site."

Staff who
wish to learn at home, can log onto the learning website by supplying a company
specific password. The training content has been provided by NETg and offer
courses on IT.

McKelvie said
that the online learning is only one of the methods of training offered by
Scottish Power.

He commented,
"Learning can be delivered in many ways. 
We certainly don’t see e-learning as the death knell of classroom-based

Once the
pilot is finished, the HR team will evaluate the success of the project and
consider whether to roll-out the home-learning scheme across the company.

said, "We will look at the practical issues of using the Internet site and
discuss the benefits to employees of home-learning."


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