Business visitors to the UK must apply for new visa

New rules for those wishing to come to the UK on business have been published by the government.

People travelling to the UK for business purposes for up to six months must now apply for a dedicated new visa and prove they will be carrying out the following activities:

  • attending meetings or conferences
  • arranging deals, negotiating or signing trade agreement or contracts
  • undertaking fact-finding missions, checking details or goods and
  • conducting site visits and promotional activities.

Border and immigration minister Phil Woolas said: “These changes will help create a fairer Britain, with fair treatment for those who play by the rules but tough action against those who break the law.

“We want the UK to stay open and attractive to both business and visitors. At the same time, we are determined to deliver a system of border security that is among the most secure in the world.”

The changes will sit alongside the new points-based system, which replaces about 80 different work permit routes with just five tiers.

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