Cable-free IT frees up staff flexibility

A cable-free computer system introduced at Microsoft has increased
productivity and flexibility among its workforce.

The system – Europe’s second-largest wireless PC network for staff – frees
up employees to be able to operate their laptops away from their desks. This
enables staff to work from anywhere within Microsoft’s Reading headquarters and
access information during meetings.

Director of people, profit and loyalty, Steve Harvey, believes the new
technology has introduced more flexibility to the Microsoft workforce. He said:
"People are so much more productive, it makes a huge difference. The whole
formality of desk time goes and it seems to speed things up for

"You can now carry all of your information with you so staff can leave
their desk and go somewhere else in the building. Some have been going out to
the gazebo or the coffee area and plugging into the network there."

Microsoft is also giving staff new high-speed ASDL internet connections at
their home to improve flexible working practice in the company.

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