Call centre MORI poll

A new MORI survey has found that two-thirds of the British public don’t mind
if the call centre serving them is located outside the UK – as long as their
call is handled quickly and professionally.

MORI polled 1,002 adults throughout the UK between 22-24 August, and the
results were revealed at the Call Centre Expo in Birmingham.

Other key factors in call centre customer satisfaction were speaking to a
person instead of an automated service (51 per cent) and a high level of
customer service (44 per cent), the survey found.

Thirty per cent of respondents were happy for their calls to be dealt with
abroad, provided it was from an English-speaking country.

Beyond preferences for UK and Irish accents, 39 per cent found US accents
the easiest to understand, closely followed by Australian accents at 37
percent, with South African accents third at 13 percent. Indian on 7 per cent
of the vote, while Chinese gained 4 per cent.

The survey was commissioned by Team South Africa, an organisation set up to
promote that country’s burgeoning call centre and business process outsourcing

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