Call for warnings of health risks on long-haul flights

have been advised to issue warnings to frequent fliers about the health risks
of long-haul travel following the publication of a report by the House of Lords
Science and Technology Committee.

The report
claims that airlines should tell passengers about the risk of developing blood
clots on long-haul flights and to instruct cabin staff to include advice on
exercise as part of the pre-flight safety demonstration.

Shea, occupational health manager with Corporate Health, an occupational health
consultancy, said it is an issue employers should be addressing as part of
their duty of care to employees.

“We have
already been contacted by two companies asking what sort of advice they should
be giving employees who do a lot of business travel,” said Shea.

“We have
told them that employees should do leg exercises when they are on a long-haul
flight, get up and walk around, drink a lot of water and not to wear
constricting clothes.”

Shea is
advising employers to draw up some written guidance for employees to meet their
obligations under the Management of Health and Safety Regulations.

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