Camelot bids to ensure its staff win pay lottery

National Lottery organiser Camelot is carrying out a pay benchmarking
exercise to ensure its employees are being well rewarded compared with staff in
similar businesses.

Dianne Thompson, Camelot’s chief executive, told the Human Resources Forum
on the Oriana that the company started the benchmarking exercise, which will be
completed in October, as part of its drive to consolidate its success after
winning its bid to continue running the Lottery.

Thompson also said Camelot had become risk-averse as it put together its bid
to continue running the Lottery last year and it is embracing a new work
culture to become more creative.

In the opening address to the conference, organised by Richmond Events, she
said, "We want our staff to feel they can take a few risks within reason.
Creativity and innovation will be applauded. We will make mistakes. I don’t
mind that as long as we don’t make the same mistake twice."

As part of this culture change the company has started e-mail-free Fridays
to encourage people to talk more and spark ideas off each other.

Camelot has also introduced a lifestyle programme to improve employees’ work-home
balance. This includes providing opportunities for job-sharing, part-time work,
homeworking, career breaks, sabbaticals and even language lessons.

Camelot’s staff forum plays a key role in keeping all employees informed
about decisions being taken by senior management.

Thompson said one of the main challenges her HR department had to overcome
while bidding for the new Lottery contract was maintaining staff morale. It
held regular cascade briefings to ensure staff were told in person what was
happening and introduced a loyalty bonus, Rainbow Project, to entice staff to
stay until the end of the licence period.

By Ben Willmott

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