Campaign for learning

The Government must lead a campaign to improve the quality and recognition
of workplace learning, IPD director-general told the HRD 2000 conference.

Introducing the Education and Employment Secretary David Blunkett, Armstrong
said workplace training was central to the UK’s economic future and

"We cannot pass to government the problems that lie at our door. If we and
our organisations will the ends, we have to will the means. However, the
Government can, and should play a leading role in helping to affect the
conditions for change. Workplace learning is a key aspect of future
competitiveness, the only question is ‘how’ to achieve change."

Key issues he said the Government could tackle included:

• Making sure young people know how to learn and to share learning

• Ensuring vocational qualifications support workplace training

• Encouraging employers to work with NTOs to show the value of performance

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