Campaign urges ‘don’t waste skills’

A series of events are being held across the UK this week as part of Refugee
Week, designed partly to encourage employers to recruit more refugees.

It is supported by Personnel Today, winner of three major awards for our
Refugees in Employment Campaign, which urged the Government to develop a co-ordinated
strategy to promote employment of skilled refugees.

Following the campaign, the Department of Work and Pensions is developing a
strategy to cut red tape and help refugees have their qualifications
accredited. Meanwhile, the Home Office is moving towards developing a database
of refugee skills.

Anna Reisenberger, the Refugee Council’s development director, said:
"We very much appreciate Personnel Today’s continuing support and
persistent campaigning on behalf of refugees and asylum-seekers.

"Many refugees come to the UK with much-needed skills and abilities. We
urge employers to recognise this and play a central role in enabling refugees
to work here."

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