Help on new discrimination legislation

sponsors of the Personnel Today Workforce Diversity and Equality
research, DLA’s Equality & Diversity Group, will be running a series of
events on the hot discrimination topics:.

July and August 2003: Tailored in-house training programmes to help
organisations understand the changes to race discrimination legislation,
including the new definition of harassment.

October 2003: a series of workshops enabling employers to get to grips with the
new legislation outlawing discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation
and religion or belief.

February and March 2004:  Seminars on
the wide-ranging changes to the Disability Discrimination Act, and the positive
steps employers can take to tackle age discrimination before the new
legislation comes into force.

you would like to receive details of these events please contact: Dennis
Taylor, DLA Equality & Diversity Group at: mailto:[email protected]

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