Can I change job after one year?

have been an HR officer in the public sector for a year. I am MCIPD-qualified
and have just gained an MA in HRM at the age of 26. Previously, I was an HR
officer for four years in the private sector, but left to further my career.
Although I enjoy my current job, I am becoming frustrated with the bureaucracy
and slow pace. Would I find it difficult to get back into the private sector
having been in the public sector? Will it look bad on my CV to leave my current
job after a year?

Malpas, joint managing director, Malpas Flexible Learning

you are enjoying your job, I would suggest you identify the things you can
learn in the public sector and do so before moving on just yet. For example,
often personnel policies are drafted with more care so they reflect wise
spending of the public purse, which is not a concern in the private sector.
It’s a good chance to see democracy and politics in action too, and this would
stand you in excellent stead in a more senior role later.

think employers are looking for less timeserving on CVs nowadays, but they
might suspect you’re in a transitional phase, which is not good for your

Lewis, consultant, Chiumento

of people have made the transition from the private to public sector. How easy
it is depends on how you explain the moves, and the approach you adopt and
qualities you display in your own job search.

on the positives of your public sector experience, in particular what you have
learned, and ensure this comes over at interview. One thing you have learned is
that you are more suited to the pace of the private sector.

may be a danger that any private sector appointment will seem attractive, but a
rash move that results in a second mistake will be more difficult to explain.

next job must be the right one, something that gives you the challenge you are
looking for as well as being consistent with your longer-term career strategy.

you have a clear direction, make the most of your blend of experience. While
your public sector experience is the most recent, your covering letter and the
profile at the head of your CV are places to highlight the private-sector
experience. Where possible, select transferable experience from your
public-sector work.

on a job-search campaign that uses all methods available. Regard it as an
opportunity to demonstrate your thoroughness and professionalism.

may take a little time to make the transition, so be prepared for a for three-
to six-month campaign.

Selby, associate director, EJ Human Resources

four years in the private sector and a year in the public, I do not anticipate
that it will be a problem for you to return to the private sector. Having said
that, the sooner you start to look the better, as the longer you leave it the
harder it will become.

having only been in your current post for a year is not ideal, you aren’t the
first person, nor the last, to have made a "mistake" in your choice
of employment.

it is imperative that your next move is the right one. I suggest you take your
time to ensure that is the case as you cannot afford to have another short

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