Healthcare service helps get sick staff back to work

consultation between staff and nurses could hold the key to improving
absenteeism and getting sick, injured or stressed staff back to work.

new Independent Absence Management system, operated by Cigna Healthcare, is set
to offer valuable support to employees via a confidential nursing service.

we’re here to help HR. The emphasis is to get the person well first then get
them back to work," explained Sharon Lyons, strategic planning and
marketing director.

system is initiated typically after five days’ consecutive absence, when the
member of staff is contacted by a nurse who helps identify the medical,
work-related or work-life balance issues that led to the absence.

service adds another dimension to HR. One of our nurses will make contact with
an employee if they’ve been off work for around five days. Then we help them
get fit again to get back to work," said Lyons.

qualified nurse then directs the employees to the relevant treatment or course
of action. The service, which has been launched by Legal & General in
alliance with Cigna, is in constant liaison with HR to plan the best way
forward in each individual case.

can’t breech confidentiality, but we do keep HR informed of when they can
expect people back at work and how best to help them improve the
situation," added Lyons.

By Ross Wigham

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