Capital council workers set for action after pay talks collapse

looks set to be hit by industrial action after talks between unions and London
council leaders broke down today, with each side claiming the other was
unwilling to seek a resolution.

talks at were aimed at resolving a long-running dispute over London Weighting
payments to council workers in the capital.

leaders claimed the unions were making unacceptable demands, which would mean
adding an extra £90 to council tax, axeing 11,000 jobs and cutting services.

government employers claimed they were unwilling to go to binding arbitration
at Acas because the unions did not have a ‘valid claim’ and said the unions had
refused to seriously consider an offer of conciliation made by employers.

Unison said that the choice to avoid Acas showed council leaders had no
confidence in their own position and the union accused employers of suspending
the Greater London Provincial Council – the joint negotiating platform, under
which the London Weighting negotiations were taking place.

By Michael Millar

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