Cardiff Community Housing Association chooses Carval HR software

Cardiff Community Housing Association (CCHA) has chosen the HR Unity range from Carval Computing to manage its HR, and training processes and to introduce browser based, self service data access for all staff.

The Association has been widely acclaimed, recently, for its high service standards, managing a housing stock of over 2500 properties and employing over 100 staff across 3 locations.

CCHA prides itself on maintaining an excellent relationship with its staff and its innovative “Better Balance” flexible working policy allows employees to have a measure of control over when, where and how they work. Managing this relationship falls to the Association’s forward thinking HR team and the systems they use.
After an extensive review of the market, Carval was chosen as their SQL based HR Unity range provides the closest match to the Association’s business requirements and core values.

Carval could, for example, provide bespoke versions of their self service HR and Time & Attendance systems to record the appraisal process and to manage CCHA’s flexi-time.

By deploying self service throughout the system, CCHA staff can also access essential data remotely, using browser technology, wherever they are and whenever they need it.
Staff can use the self service feature to book leave, or search competencies and objectives. Users can also assess the risks of particular tasks including site hazards or lone worker concerns.

In addition, the system enables the HR team to manage home working, compressed working and start and finish time variants more effectively. HR reporting is also greatly enhanced.
Jim Sweeney, ICT Manager of CCHA, believes the system will have a huge impact over time noting, “We needed to build in specific functionality that met our specific needs. To do this effectively, the chosen supplier had to understand the needs of the HR team in supporting our core values.

“Carval has demonstrated a very clear understanding of CCHA needs and we have worked well together putting bespoke solutions in place.” 
For his part, John Ovington, Sales and Support Director of Carval noted,

“CCHA is widely recognised as a guiding light in the housing association sector. Their HR team too seek to mirror the latest developments in best practise. They needed an integrated solution that delivered a single point of management control whilst allowing far broader staff access.

“Naturally, therefore, we are delighted that CCHA has chosen Carval to support the work they do to such a high standard.”

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