£10,000 bonuses for top teachers who stay at struggling schools

The best teachers will receive a £10,000 ‘golden handcuff’ for working at the worst performing secondary schools, according to plans due to be unveiled by the government today.

Up to 500 secondary schools will be able to offer the incentives to new recruits from September in an attempt to attract and retain good teachers at some of the most challenging schools in the country. Up to 6,000 teachers may benefit from the reward.

Prime minister Gordon Brown and cabinet office minister Liam Byrne are due to unveil the plans later today in a New Opportunities White Paper spelling out plans to boost social mobility, which they believe will help some of the most disadvantaged children.

Headteachers would be able to choose the teachers they offer the payments to, at the end of three years teaching. The reward would be additional to any ‘golden hellos’ staff received for teaching shortage subjects including maths and science.

According to the BBC, the scheme will apply to around 500 “national challenge” schools where less than 30% of pupils achieved five good GCSEs including maths and English and a large proportion of pupils are eligible for free meals.

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