CEO stakes claim to HR provision

is far too important to leave in the hands of HR professionals, one chief
executive of a rapidly expanding company has claimed.

Long, chief executive and founder of insurance firm Churchill, said work culture
is so important that HR policies have to be led by the chief executive.

believes his hands-on approach to HR has played a vital role in expanding his
firm from 88 staff and a turnover of £3.5m in 1989 to 5,000 staff and a
forecast turnover of £1.4bn in 2001.

said, “Looking after people, whether they be the staff or our customers is the
number one issue. It should be top of any chief executive’s agenda.

are more likely to work better if they are having fun. Someone who is happy and
enjoying work is going to do better than someone who is not.

recruit personality not experience. If our people are happy they will look
after our customers and create value.”

feels the benefits offered to Churchill staff reflect the importance he places
on the people who work for the firm. These include bonuses for all employees,
private health insurance, and a generous pension scheme.

is pleased with a staff turnover rate of 14 per cent.

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