CEO suspended over American excess

US telecoms firm Savvis has forced its chief executive to take unpaid leave as it investigates claims that he ran up a $241,000 (£136,000) bill in a strip bar.

American Express has brought a law suit against Savvis boss Robert McCormick claiming he is two years late in paying a bill from Scores nightclub in New York.

McCormick and three colleagues allegedly ran up the bill on a corporate credit card and then disputed the charges.

Deena Williamson, deputy general counsel for Savvis, said the company believed that McCormack was the victim of fraud.

However, Lonnie Hanover, a Scores spokesman, said the club got authorisation for all the charges.

“We followed proper procedures and we were paid,” he said.

He added that Scores gets clients to confirm their spending every time they spend $10,000 or more.

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