Certificate in Recruitment and Selection CIPD

How long?
The length of the course is flexible but includes a range of one- to three-day modules, which are held several times a year to enable students to balance other commitments. Taught classes will total around eight days during the duration of the course, although students must also complete work-based assignments, as well as 20 hours of reading and independent self-study exercises.

Entry requirements
The certificate is suitable for all personnel and development practitioners and recruitment agency consultants, as well as line managers who have responsibility for recruitment. It is expected that the student will be a practicing professional, as the course includes work-based assignments.

The programme begins with a one-day workshop that prepares students for the courses and assignments and introduces some of the basic concepts. Students must then complete four mandatory and one optional course. Mandatory modules include: induction; recruitment & selection skills; strategies for recruitment & selection skills; recruitment within the law; recruitment and the Internet; introduction to psychometrics; recruitment consultancy. Optional modules include an introduction to psychometrics, or recruitment consultancy. Students must also complete two work-based assignments and undertake one project based on a real issue in the student’s workplace.

Career opportunities
On successful completion of the certificate, students will have a thorough and practical knowledge of the key skills and strategies needed for successful recruitment and selection. Students will also be eligible to become Associate Members of the CIPD.


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