Change management: 3 of a kind

Making sense of change management
Esther Cameron and Mike Green
Kogan Page
ISBN: 0749453109

The Leonard Cohen lyrics on page one almost stopped me from reaching page two, but my perseverance paid off, up to a point. This is quite an academic book – there are enough charts and tables to bring joy to the nerdiest heart – but the content is sound. Comprehensive but not a book for anyone wanting an instant answer to the issues around managing change. Perhaps too theoretical for anyone with less than an in-depth interest in the subject.

The 5 forces of change
Anthony Greenfield
Management Books 2000
ISBN: 185252605X

Greenfield writes in a very open style, so this book would be equally helpful to the business and non-business person. He is a great advocate of the case study as illustration, and uses a variety, from Jamie Oliver and the turkey twizzler, to his own experiences while working at Sainsbury’s. The summary at the end of each of the chapter provides a useful reminder of key points, while clever use of tables and graphs helps clarify the trickier concepts.

Michael Jarrett
FT Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0273712896

Subtitled Why some companies are ready for change – and others aren’t, Jarrett’s book opens – as does Greenfield’s – with Darwin’s quote on those most responsive to change being most likely to survive. By following it with an anecdote about his children, which he uses to illustrate that change can be life-enhancing, Jarrett quickly draws the reader in. And keeps our attention by offering a combination of case studies, charts, anecdotes and scenarios. An accessible and enjoyable book.

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